Big turnout for Sunbeam Talbot Darracq national rally

| 23 Jun 2013

An impressive 50 vehicles belonging to members of the Sunbeam Talbot Darracq Register attended the club's national rally at Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb.

Gleaming examples of the marque together with several unrestored and original examples descended on the iconic venue and took the opportunity to drive up the famous Worcestershire course, home of the Midland Automobile Club.

Register treasurer John Zimbler – pictured above right, with some of his fellow register members and his 1934 6-cyclinder 3- litre Talbot 105, painted in a colour chosen by his granddaughter – said: "I came to Shelsley Walsh last year as a guest of fellow enthusiast and longstanding MAC member Rob May and decided that it would make a fantastic place to hold our annual rally, plus the facilities and a chance to drive the renowned hill simply added to the attraction.

"We have had members travelling here from the length and breadth of the country in a wide variety of STD cars dating from 1912 to 1936, however we don‟t really expect them to break any records driving on the hill today!"

After the meeting at Shelsley, the club visited Russell Cooke  who has a superb collection of vintage vehicles and memorabilia in Bridgnorth.

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C&SC says: looks like a great event and a great bunch of enthusiasts. Just think, I could join them next year... if someone would lend me the cash to buy this!