The VCC launches an initiative to share knowledge and resources

| 7 Nov 2012

The Veteran Car Club has kick-started a programme of getting more involved with other clubs and is now urging all UK classic car clubs to follow suit.

Despite the efforts of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs, many representative bodies in the hobby still exist and act in isolation, so the VCC recently invited a range of related and unrelated clubs to lunch.

The idea was simply to share and discuss views on the classic car hobby, the problems facing it and how to overcome them, and also for other clubs to see the facilities the VCC has on offer.

Nearly 30 people attended this first meeting at the VCC's Hertfordshire HQ and the organisers were so encouraged they have promised a repeat performance.

Nick Pellett’s 1914 TT Sunbeam and Tim Moore’s 6hp De Dion-Bouton were outside throughout to provide the correct car-park ambience.

The VCC's Stewart Skilbeck said: "The event provided an opportunity for like-minded clubs to share ideas looking to the future of our movement – it was amazing how much we had in common despite catering for such a diverse group of vehicles. The general consensus was 'let’s do it again'."

He encouraged all car clubs to actively seek out and meet up with clubs with similar memberships and aims, to share tips and facilities, or simply to gain allies.

"There can be asolutely no harm in getting to know your fellow enthusiasts from other clubs and, as we have seen today, a great deal of good can come of it," he added. "There may be challlenging times ahead and such communication can only benefit us in the long run."