Birthday present Aston rediscovered in London garden

| 18 Mar 2013

An Aston Martin DB MkIII drophead coupé that was gifted to its owner has been discovered hidden under a tarpaulin in the front garden of a London house.

Valued at £150k, the car was bought new by a Dr Free as a replacement for his written-off AC Ace Bristol, which was nickamed Jezebel after the ’50s Frankie Laine hit. The Aston was soon dubbed Jezebel II.

Moving with Dr Free to New York, the convertible was given to his son Jon in 1992 as a 21st-birthday present.

Spiralling insurance costs, and the risk that the classic could be damaged during commuting in London, prompted Free to park the car in his front garden under the protection of a heavy tarpaulin.

It remained there until earlier this month when Byron International, which had come across the car in the ’90s, was contacted to sell it. Click here if you are interested in buying the car.