Mercedes abandoned in car park after owner loses keys set to make megabucks

| 10 Apr 2017

Most people will have lost the keys to their car at some point in their life, prompting hours of searching followed by the expensive process of having replacements made. Or there’s always option two: give it up as a bad job and abandon the car for decades. That’s what the owner of this Mercedes-Benz 500SL did in 1996. 

“This is a car with a fantastic story,” said Coys’ Chris Routledge. “Purchased as a birthday present, it was driven only 80 miles before the owner lost the keys and never drove it again. It even comes with a letter written by the owner’s butler verifying its mileage and its provenance.”

“Had she not lost the keys and used it regularly, we estimate it would now be worth between £5000 and £7000. But the fact that is has kept such low mileage and has not been driven in more than twenty years makes it worth between £45,000 and £55,000. What happened to the keys remains a mystery, but the car comes with a replacement set for the new owner.”

One of the most powerful and sought-after M119-engined cars, it boasts a number of desirable optional extras including heated front seats, a CD multi-changer, upgraded radio and a leather-trimmed wood steering wheel.