1200 British classic cars flood Swiss medieval town

| 25 Oct 2013

More than 1200 classics gathered for the fast-growing Swiss Classic British Car Meeting in Morges on 5 October.

The 20,000 visitors to the event enjoyed an eclectic mix ranging from the mainstream to the super-rare as well as some real curiosities.

The beauty of the event is that the every car gets equal billing whether it is an HRG 1100, Aston Martin Ulster or Morris Marina Sun-Tor.

Other stand-out cars included a new McLaren alongside vintage Bentley, plus a wealth of other pre-war cars such as Bean and Bullnose Morris.

The relaxed 2013 event at the medieval town especially celebrated Morris and Aston Martin.

For the 2014 running, on 4 October, the focus will be the 110th anniversary of Rolls-Royce.

All pictures: copyright Stephen Butterworth