Aero-engined behemoths roar at Beaulieu

| 3 Sep 2012

More than 300 vehicles of all shapes and sizes made Simply Classics a day to remember at the National Motor Museum on Sunday.

In only its second year, the event attracted cars including Morgans, Morris Minors, Triumphs and Jaguars, but two vintage Bentleys were the highlight of the day.

The first, Chris Williams’ Packard-Bentley (main pic), boasts a 42-litre V12 was spectacular as it performed its signature fire-spitting idle. It was joined by Williams’ 24-litre Napier-Bentley (above) with a W12 Sea Lion aero engine.

The show’s concours was won by Kevin Marchant with his Monza Blue Ford Escort RS1600 (below), which is thought to be one of only 200 in existence from the 1150 that were originally built from 1870-’74.

The popular People’s Choice Award was also up for grabs and went to Brian Robinson and his Jaguar XK140, he was presented with a 60th anniversary Beaulieu Trophy by Lord Montagu. Second place went to Jan Degeling for his 1909 Paterson Touring, ahead of Gary Collins’ VW Camper.

A cavalcade for the 10 most popular vehicles rounded off the day (below).

Next year’s Simply Classic will be held on 25 August. To find out more, click here.