Alfa Romeo celebrates its heritage

| 16 May 2012

Four stunning Alfa Romeos spanning 1927-’57 will be on show on this year’s Mille Miglia retrospective – from 16-20 May – in celebration of the firm’s record-breaking 11 wins at the world-famous race.

The 6C-1500 Super Sport (main picture) took Alfa’s first victory on the roads between Brescia and Rome in the hands of Giuseppe Campari and Giulio Ramponi in 1928. The previous year it won at Modena with Enzo Ferrari and Ramponi at the helm.

In 1930, the more slippery-bodied, Zagato 6C-1750 took over the mantle. Piloted by Tazio Nuvolari and Giovanni Battista Guidotti, it broke the 100kph average speed record for the course as the pair guided it to another victory.

The post-war 1900 Super Sprint may have lacked the race-winning prowess of its older brother, but it lived up to its moniker – the family saloon that wins races – by being highly prized among privateers on the event.

Its younger sibling, the 2000 Sportiva was derived from the 1900, but featured a de Dion axle.

The four museum pieces from Alfa Romeo’s Historic Motoring team come to the Mille Miglia in the year the firm celebrates the 80th anniversary of an 8C-2300’s triumph – a race the company dominated by taking the top seven places.