Astons glitter for Jubilee at Bromley Pageant

| 11 Jun 2012

The Aston Martin Owners’ Club celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee with an outstanding display at Bromley Pageant of Motoring yesterday.

Pride of place went to a glorious pair of Mark II Long Chassis Tourers, including the 1934 example that Stanley Randall bought in ’54, but was off the road from the early ’60s until it was restored by Ecurie Bertelli in 2007 for Stanley’s son Andrew. Stanley, 95, tirelessly spent most of the day explaining the workings of the single-overhead-cam 1495cc ‘four’ and the rest of the car’s running gear.

“We wanted 60 cars to tie in with the Diamond Jubilee,” said a chuffed stand organiser Dawn Scantlebury, “but with a mixture of eras and types of car, hence the racers and the part-restored DB5. And we’re delighted that Works Service brought the new Rapide as part of the charity event.”

There were plenty of anniversaries being celebrated around the various club displays. The Ford Anglia 105E Owners’ Club marked its 30th birthday with a fantastic selection spanning stock 1200s to heavily modified examples – but still in keeping – from Old Skool Ford members.Alongside the Panther Car Club made the figure 40 to signify four decades since Bob Jankel founded Panther Westwinds in Weybridge. The group included a J72 and a De Ville, plus a gang of Limas and Kallistas. The beauty of Bromley, though, is that you never know what to expect at the show – particularly the once-commonplace cars that are now often rarer than exotica. Here are 10 of our favourites from the Norman Park event...Pauline Cleary’s superb ’71 Morris 1300 Traveller (on the left) started off as her family car in ’73 and was still her daily-driver until it was restored about five years ago.Next door to the 1100 Club was this immaculate ’79 Simca 1100GLS Special, now owned by Stuart Wade and Guy Maylam. It was bought new by fellow Simca Club UK stalwart David Chapman’s mother and has only done 14,400 miles. According to David’s mum, it’s now better than it was new when bought from Walchry Motors.And when was the last time you saw a Mk1 Granada estate? Paul Windmill’s stunning, Monza Green ’75 3000XL drew lots of attention in the One Make parking. “I used to have a PA Cresta and a PT Cruiser,” he said, “but didn’t use either very much so I sold them both and bought this instead.”Renospeed boss Derek Flavell rebuilt his Renault 12 estate – with uprated running gear and various improvements – to use as his everyday transport: the Tropical Green metallic looks very ’70s, particularly with the 12 Gordini wheels. The 20TXs alongside are probably rarer still.Trevor Rogers first spotted his ’62 Sunbeam Harrington Alpine in Welshpool, c1980. “I left a note on the car, asking if I could have first refusal if it was ever for sale,” he recalled, “but never heard anything. Then, 13 years later, I saw it in virtually the same place and left another note. This time the owner called, asked if I was the same chap who’d left a note before and she decided to sell.”Ron Songhurst from New Romney had been looking for an early Mustang convertible for years and eventually tracked down this lovely, straight-six auto in Long Island, New York.The Scripps-Booth Model C was built from 1915-’17, when the firm was taken over by Chevrolet. Winston Churchill owned one, according to the info on the car.Two-tone Junior deluxe was the sole DKW in the One Make area.Nice to see a lovely early Opel Manta, too, this one a left-hooker......and back one of the stars of the spectacular AMOC group: Johnny Chandler’s gorgeous Caribbean Pearl 1970 Aston DBS V8.