Australia celebrates its heritage with a fantastic array of classics

| 16 Jul 2013

Clubs representing the ‘orphans’ of the American motor industry – cars outside of Chrysler, Ford and GM – came together under the American Independents banner on 14 July.

The annual show was held at the historic Linwood House in Sydney where, at various times, both Studebakers and Ramblers were assembled.

Two of the stars were owned by David McCredie, who brought his 1929 Packard 633 roadster, which had featured in The Great Gatsby, and his twin-cylinder 1912 Maxwell.

The latter (main pic) had just completed a 4000km drive, organised by the Veteran Car Club of Australia, to commemorate the first west-to-east crossing of the country by car in 1912.

Various other Packards, Hudsons and Studebakers parked around the grounds along with a 1927 Franklin that proudly displayed it’s steam engine for all.

Rarer still were the Auburn and the Overland that were joined by a WW2 Jeep.

Ramblers were there, too, including a 1957 Nash Rambler station wagon that was not in show condition, but did have the patina of a regularly used classic.  

The firm’s reincarnation as AMC was represented by a couple of Javelins and Matadors but, alas for this correspondent, there were no Pacers.