Classic Porsches stream to Fontana Dam

| 7 Oct 2014

Dozens of Porsche 356s arrived at Fontana Dam in North Carolina for the Porsche 356 Registry's annual East Coast Holiday from 25-28 September.

Nearly 200 classic Porsches made the pilgrimage to the dam, journeying to the landmark from all corners of the United States. A highlight for many was traversing The Tail of the Dragon – an eleven-mile stretch of highway with more than 300 tight turns and hairpins, sheer drops and not a guardrail in sight.

In addition to the rally, the event also featured a night-time Peoples' Choice Concours, which was illuminated by quartz halogen light globes.  Perfect weather added to the beautiful nighttime display. 

The winner of the Peoples' Choice award, by a landslide vote, was the 1955 356 Continental Coupé of Steve and Jamie Harrison, from Cartersville, Georgia. Harrison bought the car 25 years ago as a number of parts-filled boxes before beginning its restoration five years ago.

"If I sell it I won't have one," said Harrison. "I'm just a regular guy and could never afford to buy one now. I don't care if it's worth a fortune either – I'm gonna drive it. Who wants to die with a perfect car in their garage?"

Carey and Karen Lindsey from Richmond, Virginia were in the car wash area giving their 1961 Porsche 356B Roadster a bit of a bath. Carey spent 12 years returning their 356 back to as original condition as possible with Aetna Blue paintwork and red interior. He looked fondly at his wife while saying that his biggest accomplishment was staying married during that time.

Larry Petry drove his 1960 Porsche 356B roadster to the event from Hoopeston, Illinois. He couldn't wait to tell us he was the original owner and had bought his 356 the day before his 22nd birthday on 27 October 1960 for $3926.32. The first 10 years of ownership he drove more than 90,000 miles and before long he could see the road through the rusty holes in the car's floor, so laid it up.

The car lay dormant in his garage for 26 years before he finally decided to restore the car to the condition it was in when he was just 22.

Rick and Sally Danielson from Graham, Washington took 18 days driving to the show in convoy with another two 356s. They stopped at four national parks along the way, including Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Rocky Mountain, and have made it their aim to visit every national park in their Porsche, which they nicknamed 'Tweetie Pie' for obvious reasons.

Bruce Jones and his wife Kitty drove their 1958 Porsche 356 Coupé from Jasper, Georgia, not only to attend the East Coast Holiday but also to see their grandchildren Addison and Parker from Kingston, Tennessee, who met them there for the weekend.

Dan Rogers and Randi Kern brought their Irish Green 1964 Porsche 356SC, which they've owned for 15 years. Rogers used the car in Auto Cross racing prior to its restoration, winning his division through his tried and tested method of 'showing up, not breaking down, and finishing'. 

Peter and Joyce Thompson drove their completely original 1957 356A 1100 miles from West Newbury, Massachusetts to North Carolina.  They removed the engine eight times in preparation for the trip: "We'd think of something, fix it, put it back, then think of something else to fix. It only broke down four times on the way here!"