Enthusiast travels from Geneva to Tewkesbury to see father's old Rolls-Royce

| 30 Aug 2013

More than 500 vehicles and 2500 spectators attended the recent Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival, but the highlight of the fast-growing event was the introduction of Gustave-Alain Miesegaes to the Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental that was originally owned by his father, but which he had never seen.

Having stumbled across the car on the event's website, the Swiss banker travelled to the show especially to see the car, which is now owned by local enthusiast Roger Head.

The Gloucestershire town was swamped with classics as the event kicked off at the local school's playing fields. There was a good number or pre-war cars including Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lanchester and Austin Sevens, as well as a veteran Renault and others.

The post-WW2 era was also well represented with a De Lorean, a Jensen-Healey, a Petersen Bentley, plus Healeys, a Twin Cam MGA to the original Dick Jacobs Le Mans spec, Ferrari Dino and more.

As well as the cars, there were some 80 trade stands plus entertainment.