Everyday classic cars celebrated at new British concours

| 14 Aug 2014

With Pebble Beach week getting under way, a recent British event provided the perfect antidote for those tired of the glitzy end of the classic car world.

The Hagerty-backed Festival of the Unexceptional took place at Whittlebury Park at the end of last month and set out to honour the less celebrated (or pricey) classics that the vast majority of enthusiasts own and run.

Many, unsurprisingly, came from British Leyland, including Metros, Marinas, Maxis and Allegros, sharing space with Ford, Rootes and a wealth of French, Italian and Czech cars.

Threatening to defy the event title was the ex-Princess Diana 1980 Austin Mini Metro, on loan from the Coventry Motor Museum for the day.

Period dress was encouraged as well as some good-natured bribery.  

Best of all, in a bizarre twist on the usual situation, anyone who turned up in a classic deemed too fancy – such as the genuine 1973 Porsche Carrera RS 2.7 and Ford GT40 – was directed to the common or garden parking rather than the showfield.

The winner of the concours was Ed Rattley from Lincolnshire, who described his 1985 Silver Nissan Cherry Europe as "a curious piece of Japanese and Italian automotive history."

The runner-up was a 1975 Harvest Gold Austin Maxi.

Hagerty MD Angus Forsyth said: "We have been overwhelmed by the response to this event. It was fantastic to see these supposedly ordinary cars, such as the Triumph Acclaims and Austin Maestros, generate such interest and I must thank all of the owners for making such an event possible. 

"These cars have long been viewed as unexceptional by the general public but today's event proves that they are anything but. On the back of this, we are confident that next year can be both bigger and better, with this year's winners fighting to retain their coveted titles."

Photos via Hagerty Insurance