Family theme for NEC spectacular

| 13 Jun 2011

‘Running in the Family’ has been chose as the theme for the 2011 Footman James Classic Motor Show at the NEC, Birmingham from 11-13 November.

It will focus on everything from cars and 'bikes passed down from generation to generation to family groups of marques, famous racing families of drivers, cars or teams, families of cars sharing the same designer, same engineering etc, the clubs are invited to interpret the theme as they see fit.

Show manager Andy Rouse said: “One of the most common expressions you hear from our visitors when walking around the halls is ‘my Dad had one of those’ and this applies to every marque, from Reliants through to Rollers! It’s like looking through a family album for most people as they see the car they learnt to drive in or went on holiday in, the first motorbike they rode, etc. It’s these vehicles that are a part of a family’s history we will be celebrating, the ones that feature in our family photos and have a sentimental link for us all. “Of course, we always look forward to seeing how the individual clubs choose to interpret the theme and I’m also imagining families of V8 engines, families of successful racing cars, families of pioneering cars and many more different takes on the theme. One of the beauties of the show is the sheer variety, diversity and surprises that the clubs always bring"

The event will have more than 1250 cars and 250 motorcycles on display across seven halls. Fopr tickets and info, visit the website.