Finland's biggest classic show gears up for seventh outing

| 3 Nov 2013

The highlight of the fast-growing classic car scene in Finland is the Classic Motorshow at the Lahti Fair Centre 60 miles north of Helsinki.

The event, which is on 3-4 May next year, has been running since 2008 and already claims to be the biggest indoor show in Scandinavia.

As well as the displays inside, there is a huge parking area outside for vehicles more than 30 years old and a classic car auction.

Among the cars being sold in the auction next year are a 1977 Maserati Bora, the second to last built with the 4.7-litre engine. It will be sold alongside a 1962 Facel Vega II.

Organiser Risto Laine said: "We want to reflect the whole history of motorised transport and that involves a lot more than just cars."

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