Gaydon drops two events for 2012

| 19 Dec 2011

The Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon is "resting" two of its major events in 2012. The news that the popular Heritage Land-Rover Show, which traditionally takes place in the Spring, and June's Supercar Sunday will be given a break will come as a shock to the hundreds of enthusiasts who attend every year.

Explaining the decision, the HMC issued a press release that said: "With the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games, 2012 is a very busy year for the UK events industry, so the Heritage Motor Centre has decided to take this opportunity to give two of its major events a break for 2012."

Emma Rawlinson, events executive for Heritage Motor Centre added: "Giving Supercar Sunday & Superbike Show and the Heritage Land Rover Show a break in 2012 will allow our events team to act on show feedback and make some exciting changes to bring the shows back in 2013 bigger and better.”

HMC is asking for input from enthusiasts on how both shows can be improved for their promised return un 2013. Send your ideas to

See for more and for info on the events that will be unaffected in 2012.