Italian dream machines tour the French Riviera

| 4 Jul 2012

The first Belle Macchine e polenta – a show and run held purely for Italian cars in the south of France – attracted a sensational selection of more than 50 classics and supercars on 1 July.

Organised by the Automobile Club de Nice – founded in 1896 – and supported by Swissvax, the tour kicked off in the Place Garibaldi in Nice.

Oldest car present was a 1934 Lancia Belna with Pourtout body (above) and other highlights included the 1965 Maserati Mistral of  Robert Grisi and Joel Humbert's 1966 Ferrari GTB/C.

The more modern supercar element attracted a host of greats ranging from F40 to brand-new Lamborghini Aventador.

Automobile Club de Nice president Christian Proud-Diaz explained the background to the run: "Nice was an italian city until 1860, and Italy is only 20 miles far from us, so it is probably the most Italian of the French cities! Many of our club members drive italian classics and supercars. There also many non-members around with great cars: we set up the event for them."

British, Irish and even Swedish accents could also be heard including club member Ian Keith (above) who brought along his Ferrari F355 and Stafan Enhorning who was driving his 1969 Maserati Mexico (below).

After the start, the cavalcade headed for some of the Riviera's dream roads, tackling the grande corniche, col St Roch and col de Turini, before a coffee stop in Peira Cava and then arrival at the lunch stop in Saint-Martin Vésubie where mayor Gaston Franco was warmly welcomed in his 1964 Alfa Giulia Spider.

Participants judged the tour such a success that a repeat is promised for July 2013 while the ACN's next show is its second British Classic Car Picnic, which runs from Nice to Gourdon on 22 July.

For more info on the club or any of its activities, visit its website here.

Pictures (more below): Philippe Lassalle-Alexis Froger/Automobile Club de Nice