Rétromobile pays homage to the Citroën DS

| 10 Jan 2013

The Citroën DS will join a growing list of French machines that will be honoured at Rétromobile in Paris from 6-10 February.

Designed by Flaminio Bertoni, the DS is seen by many as the pinnacle of Gallic motoring. It featured a streamlined body (courtesy of the wind tunnels of La Ferté-Vidame), plus clever hydropneumatics that powered the self-levelling suspension, steering, brakes and semi-automatic gearbox.

The car was such a success that Citroën took 80,000 orders at the 1955 Salon de Paris.

Also on show will be the first-ever French steam locomotive and examples of the propeller-powered Hélicas.

Meanwhile, the Peugeot 205’s 30th anniversary will be marked, with six examples of the diminutive hatchback on display.