Royal cars to go on show at Buckingham Palace

| 10 Jul 2013

Jaguar and Land-Rover will showcase vehicles from the firms’ 60-year service to the Windsors at the Coronation Festival from 11-14 July.

They include the 1953 State IV Land-Rover used by the Queen during a six-month Commonwealth tour just after her coronation, and a 1955 Jaguar Mark VIIM that served her mother for nearly 20 years.

A 1949 Land-Rover S1 Troop Review, a 1966 Land-Rover S2 Military Escort, a 1974 Royal Review Range Rover and a 1961 Jaguar E-Type S1 will also be on display.

Moderns from the British companies will also feature, with the most notable being Jaguar’s mothballed C-X75 concept.

To find out more, visit the event’s website.