Top five cars confirmed for this year’s Quail

| 12 Apr 2017

One of the perennial highlights of Monterey Car Week, The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering fully lives up to its name this year with a renewed focus on sports and racing cars. The event, which takes place at the Quail Lodge & Golf Club in Carmel on 18 August, will draw together 5000 guests and more than 250 rare vehicles selected from some of the world’s finest private collections. 

This year’s featured classics include Originals and Mid-engine Marvels, along with the traditional Pre-war Sports, Racing Cars, Post-war Racing Cars, Post-war Sports Car 1945-’60 and Post-war Sports Cars 1961-’75 classes. 

Here are five of the top classics announced so far:

5. 1938 Packard Model 1601

A stunning example of Packard’s Model 1601 will make its way to the concours lawn from the famed Robert M Lee Automobile Collection. The car represents a styling shift for the model, marking the first year a small chrome strip spit the front windscreen and ran onto the roof.

4. 2009 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante

Inspired by Touring-designed Alfa Romeo C52, the 2009 Disco Volante features a front-central engine and transaxle configuration, sharing the same rolling chassis and drivetrain as the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. It’s a rare one. 

3. 1982 Lancia 037

This mid-engined Group B legend is set to take the Mid-engine class by storm. It may share a passing resemblance to the humble Montecarlo, but this Lancia and Abarth project is a fire-breathing memory of the most exciting period in world rallying. 

2. 1964 Alpine M64

Engineering genius Jean Rédélé cut his teeth modifying Renault 4CVs, and it was experience gained tuning these workhorses that laid the groundwork for his tremendously exciting M64, which made its class-winning Le Mans debut in 1964. 

1. 1965 Ferrari 275GTS

Without a double one of the most desirable Ferraris of its generation, the 275GTS is the laid-back grand tourer to the 275GTBs roadgoing racer. But don’t let the comfortable seats fool you: this incredibly capable car is capable of a 140mph top speed. And boy will you look good doing it!