Fitch meets his 'Vette again at St Saturnin

| 1 Nov 2010

More than 150 Corvettes from across Europe featured at the 10th Classic British Welcome at St Saturnin from 11-12 June.

Being just north of Le Mans, St Saturnin was a fitting venue to mark 50 years since a Corvette first raced at La Sarthe.

5000 visitors, including Corvette Racing boss Doug Feehan, and 750 other classics graced the event.

John Fitch, 93, was reunited with the ex-Briggs Cunningham 'Vette that he raced in 1960. "It was overweight and underpowered," he recalled. "The 'experts' didn't think it was going to last 24 hours, but we finally finished eighth."

Owner Lance Miller, who had flown the car over from the US and driven it from Le Mans to St Saturnin, said that being driven around the circuit with Fitch was a true highlight.

"It was my late father's dream to take his beloved '60 Cunningham 'Vette back to Le Mans, along with its driver, for its 50th anniversary," he added.