Italian invasion of BristolItalian invasion of Bristol

| 13 Aug 2010

More than 500 Italian cars and motorcycles from across the UK swarmed into Bristol's historic finance district for the eighth Bristol AutoMoto Festival.The 24 April event was organised by the Italian AutoMoto Club and Ducati Owners' Club.There were two Lamborghini Isleros, owned by Iain McFarlain and Ed Stratton. Stratton's car was driven by Roger Moore in The Man Who Haunted Himself (C&SC, July '08).Other exotics included Jan Pettifor's orange Diablo and Johnny Woods' De Tomaso Pantera GTS.Mike Hirst's '29 6C-1750 SS Zagato and Robbie Webb's '54 1900C SS Touring were among the beauties in the Alfa camp, while Fiats were represented by Steve Denning's '38 Topolino Siata Smith Special and a gaggle of 500s, as well as later models.