A marriage of Art Deco and Greek mythology

| 1 Mar 2011

Ola Sjogren of Sweden owns two '35 Chrysler Airflows with this modified bonnet line, one red and one white.

The white car was sold new in Ystad, a city on Sweden's southern tip, and remained with the same family for about a decade. It then changed hands several times until it reached a lady student who used it regularly for outings.

She nicknamed the car 'Hades' and it led a hard life, including a trip to Paris and back, during which it could only be parked on hills due to starting difficulties.

By the late '60s Hades was put into storage, and one day rolled into a ditch, where it was left for a decade before it was towed out.

"It was rusty, incomplete and dented," said Sjogren.

A friend bought the car to restore it, but ended up doing nothing with it, so Sjogren acquired it last year, along with some spare parts. The same friend also bought a red Airflow from the US, also needing restoration. This car was nicknamed 'Zeus' - Hades' brother - and Sjogren has since purchased that car as well. He has managed to get its engine running.

Both cars are up for sale; e-mail sjogrens@telia.com