Jungle Safari

| 13 Jul 2010

During a recent visit to a Suffolk-based Alfa Romeo specialist - who prefers to remain anonymous - C&SC staff writer Hurst was thrilled to find a gaggle of classics almost completely taken over by nature.The specialist bought his premises a couple of years ago from the family of a childhood friend, who recalled being a passenger in the two Citroen DSs buried in the brambles - both rare seven-seater Safari estates - during his frequent visits to the farm in the early '80s.He also remembered he and his mate driving the Dyane around the farm until it broke and was abandoned where it lies today.There is also a BMC 250 JU truck (for which the specialist holds the buff logbook) that was last on the road in 1977, when it was used to cart materials to re-roof the farmhouse.The Alfa man explained that it was fortunate Hurst's visit was early in the spring: "It's a seasonal treat really, because you can only see them in winter when the growth dies back - come summer they'll all be hidden."