Kitting up with the Joneses

| 1 Mar 2011

Most special car builders in their Golden Age of the 1950s used Austins or Fords as the bases for their cars. But the Jones family's Kenmar sat on a Morris chassis.

Wielding a factory-recon 918cc Minor engine, 1958-registered YWD 779 covered thousands of miles in a three-year period with Chris Jones before being handed over to younger brother Peter, who fitted a Halifax tubular chassis, swing-axle front suspension and Alta overhead-valve conversion.

By 1970 the car had Triumph Herald front suspension and disc brakes, plus 13in wheels that required the arches to be cut away.

The car was loaned to Peter's sister for a year, before being left in the open for some time. Upon its return in 1980, it needed another rebuild. Now that he's retired, Peter plans to tackle it.

Kenmars were sold under the Shirley name from 1959 on.