Classics take to the streets for Drive It Day

| 13 Jul 2010

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs' inspired 25 April event drew 140 different vehicles on two, three and four wheels to its own venue, making it the best-supported yet.Rarities at the Royal Oak in Bishopstone, near Swindon included a '60 Facel Vega Facellia and a '59 Auto Union 1000SP.Thousands of classics took to the roads solo or on organised runs.The Veteran Car Club's rally around Cambridgeshire saw more than 100 pre-1910 cars - none with more than two cylinders - cover a combined total of 10,000 miles between them. Oldest vehicle was an 1898 Marot Gordon tricycle, with 1 1/4 hp de Dion-Bouton power. It was ridden by the event's youngest competitor, 17-year-old Matt Roberts - a genuine case of young meets old.2011's Drive It Day will be on 17 April; see for information.