Alfa Giulia stars in August’s Classic & Sports Car

| 5 Jul 2012

Classic & Sports Car’s August edition is scheduled to touch down in the next 24hrs carrying special cargo including a Alfa Giulia 50th anniversary tribute and MickWalsh’s once-in-a-lifetime shotgun ride in a 1908 GP Panhard.

But we begin with deputy editor James Page gallivanting off to the Alps to drive a Triumph Spitfire – on the car’s 50th Birthday. He drives the first one built, its heritage certificate reading: ‘Date built 11 September 1962’; ‘Destination – International Motorshow’ (Earls Court).

John Carroll’s adventure couldn’t be more different as he retraces the steps taken by the British Army unit that engaged in ‘piracy on the high desert’. The Long Range Desert Group specialised in reconnaissance, desert raiding and was the SAS’s taxi service of choice.

Back on UK soil, editor in chief Mick Walsh reports on Alfa Romeo’s 105 Series. Covering every model from the 1964 Giulia TI to 1971 Junior Zagato, he discovers how Alfa turned ‘mere enthusiasts in to fervent Alfisti’.

Plus he pays a visit to the 1908 GP Panhard that, with a near-13,000cc engine, is more than capable of shocking moderns.  

Mick then names his heroes from this year’s Mille Miglia who drove metal ranging from a Mercedes-Benz 500K Goliath to the proverbial David in the form of a Fiat 500 Bizzarrini Special.

Next, Andrew Roberts sheds a tear for middle management’s extinct brand of choice – the ‘ghost light’ adorned Wolseleys in their badge-engineered demise.  

Then we take a look at the four-wheel-drive British sports car that never was – the Cirrus. How does it drive today and why did it never make production? Russ Smith finds out.

Meanwhile Richard Heseltine’s been talking to Desiré Wilson who – given a sporting chance – could have turned the world of F1 on its head.

On top of all this we offer coverage of your events, comment from our resident experts, letters, motoring art, auctions, our classics – featuring Al Clements’ Magnette-powered trip to Italy – and, of course, our monthly buyers’ guide, this time on Maserati’s beautiful baby – the Merak.

But before all of that here’s our monthly wallpapers to give you a flavour of what’s to come.

To download August's Alfa Romeo cover picture click here.

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Or, click here for a screen-filling picture of the Panhard.