America’s biggest Citroën exhibition opens at the Mullin Automotive Museum

| 30 Aug 2017

The largest Citroën exhibition in North American history has opened at the Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard, California, where 46 of serial car collector Peter Mullin’s personal Citroëns will be on display until spring 2018. 

‘Citroën: The Man, The Marque, The Mystique’ celebrates the beauty and technological excellence of the French manufacturer, as well as taking an in-depth look at the firm’s forward-thinking founder, André Citroën. The exhibition features dozens of different models, each highlighting Citroën’s ability to push the boundaries of technology and styling, including the front-wheel-drive pioneer Traction Avant. 

“Citroën is a marque that has always appealed to me on some level,” said Peter Mullin. “The way in which the company set about designing its often odd but always stunning vehicles, packing them with wildly innovative technologies, is fascinating to me. I’m so pleased that we will soon be able to share these incredible vehicles with the public who may not have ever seen them in person and I hope we’re able to create a new legion of Citroën devotees.”

The exhibition represents the most comprehensive look at the history of the French firm ever attempted in North America. As well as the common 2CV and 4CV models through which the company became an manufacturing powerhouse, the museum will play host to some real rarities, such as the twin-engined 2CV Sahara, a Traction Avant Cabriolet, and a host of incredible Chapron-bodied cars. A number of modern Citroens will also be on show, including a 2007 C6, 2009 C3 Pluriel and a handful of late model 2CVs, none of which were never sold in the United States. 

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