Bigger Regent St show a winner with crowds

| 6 Nov 2011

The first expanded pre-Brighton Run motor show in Regent Street was a huge success with 250,000 enthusiasts and passers-by packing out a closed West End area to see the growing mix of veterans and classics in central London.

More than 100 Veterans took part in the Regent Street Motor Show yesterday, along with vehicles arriving after the end of the Future Car Challenge (the eco event that runs from Brighton to London the day before the main Run).

But the biggest change was the inclusion of 50 Jaguar E-Types and 50 Mini Coopers to mark the models' half-centuries.

The Stage, sponsored by the RAC, played host to a celebrity interviews, forums and dance performances, as well as Run participants sharing fascinating historical insights on their cars.

Concours results:

Concours d’Elegance - sponsored by EFG International

1898 Benz (start no 13)

Entrant: Mr Max-Germit von Pein

Driver: Mr Helmut Doring


Concours d’equipe – sponsored by Tindle Newspapers

1903 Oldsmobile (start no 247)

Entrant & Driver: Mr Kurt Dujardyn


Most Historic Veteran Car – sponsored by Motul

1903 Panhard-Levassor (start no 327)

Entrant: Sir George White

Driver: Mr P White/Sir G White


Most Original/Unrestored Veteran – sponsored by Bonhams

1899 Rochet-Schneider (start no 45)

Entrant & Driver: Mr Patrick Calzavara


Judges’ Special Award

1900 Lohner Porsche (start no 88)

Entrant: Mr Ernst Piёch & Mr Andreas Lohner

Driver: Mr Ernst Piёch


Spectators Special Award

1903 Grout (start no 324)

Entrant & Driver: Mr Chris Sorensen 


Best German vehicle

1894 Benz (start no 2)

Entrant: Mr Karl-Heinz Rehkopf

Driver: Mr Karl-Helmut Larkamp


Overall winner

1898 Peugeot (start no 24)

Entrant & Driver: Mr Colin Clarke