BMW to offer authentic 328 gearbox

| 23 Apr 2013

BMW Group Classic has announced that it will produce 55 replacement gearboxes for the 328 that was built from 1936-’40 – releasing this stunning picture of the sports car in the process.

The new ’box will be built thanks to a collaboration between the Bavarian firm and ZF, which in the ’90s took over a division of Hurth – the company that made the 328’s original transmission.

The new units were engineered thanks to original drawings held in the Eisenach city archives and by reverse engineering those in vehicles belonging to BMW.

They are said to use better-quality materials, with a reinforced second-gear bearing, and have been sanctioned by FIVA and the FIA. The prototype units proved their reliability on last year’s Mille Miglia.

The new part is the latest addition to a list of 40,000 officially approved parts.

Prices have yet to be released, but you can find out more on the BMW Group Classic website.