Braking with history exhibition launched at Beaulieu

| 24 Jul 2014

A new display has opened at the National Motor Museum detailing the history and development of braking technology in automobiles, from its first application in 1878 to the present day.

The exhibition aims to provide an insight into the history of brakes, bringing the story alive with interactive touch screens, short films and period images. All of the major milestones in the progress of braking technology are marked and, where possible, have been linked to classics on display in the museum.

Braking with History

The project has been funded by TMD Friction, the world's largest manufacturer of braking material. John Hudson, who is CEO of the firm, said: "We are delighted to have been able to showcase the history of braking at Beaulieu. This opportunity to compile our comprehensive history has been incredible and has presented us with a unique opening to really look inside our business and to share it with the public.”

Chief executive of the National Motor Museum Russell Bowman said: “The display booth ‘Braking with History’ tells the story of the development of brakes in an interactive and engaging way which is appreciated by our visitors. It dovetails well with the overall story of motoring by introducing visitors to this particular aspect of motoring technology.”