Classics fuel the economy

| 20 Jun 2011

The benefit of classic car events to their host towns and cities has been revealed by a new study for the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs.

In collaboration with the University of Brighton, the FBHVC has examined the value to the local economy of the 2010 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.The survey discovered:

  • The event generated £1.1 million for the Brighton and Hove economy.
  • 20,000 people watched the event in Brighton.
  • 63% of spectators were from outside the city.
  • 65% had seen the run before and 92% said they intended to watch the event again.

The FBHVC commented: "This is believed to be the first study to consider the economic benefit of an historic vehicle event to a community. There are many similar national and local events taking place each year in other cities, towns and villages. This exercise highlights the economic and social value historic vehicle activities bring to such locations."