DVLA proposals “madness” says the AA

| 16 Oct 2012

The AA has branded as “absurd” a Government proposal to cut red tape by no longer requiring motorists to provide proof of insurance when taxing their car.

The DVLA claims the plans will mean that an extra 600,000 motorists a year will be able to buy tax online and motorists will no longer have to search for their insurance certificate to pick up a new disc at the Post Office.

But Simon Douglas, director of broker AA Insurance, says: “This will send out entirely the wrong message and will undo much of the work carried out by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, the Government and the insurance industry to tighten up enforcement of the law.

“If this happens, we will see a sharp rise in the number of people driving without cover, either deliberately or through oversight. That in itself will impose a costly burden on the police and the courts.

“One in 25 motorists on Britain’s roads is driving without cover, a significant improvement over five years ago.  Even so, this is still one of the poorest uninsured driving records in Europe and now is not the time to knock out a legislative pillar that will take us back to square one.”

Roads Minster Stephen Hammond maintained: “We are committed to getting rid of unnecessary red tape. There is absolutely no benefit in making motorists prove they have insurance when they buy a tax disc now that we regularly check existing databases for insurance under Continuous Insurance Enforcement rules.”

The consultation began yesterday and closes on 26 November, click here to view the full document.