Endangered classics to gather at Liverpool Cathedral

| 19 Jun 2014

Five Ogston Deemsters – the last examples of the model thought to survive – are due to assemble on 6 July to mark the 90th anniversary of Liverpool Cathedral. The milestone is also relevant for the Vintage cars, which ceased production in the same year that the Cathedral was consecrated.

The five remaining cars are all owned by entrepreneur and philanthropist Hamish Ogston, and were built from 1913 until the mid-1920s. Early Deemsters were powered by the firm's own 1100cc engine, but were never a commercial success due to production being interrupted by WW1.

In the post-war period the company switched to Anzani power (1922), but the car's prohibitively high price compared to the 'Bullnose' Morris forced the firm to close its doors in 1925.

Ogston Deemster

Following their appearance at the Cathedral, the cars will travel to the Isle of Man for the Manx National Day on 7 July.

The celebrations mark the beginning of a 10-year fundraising drive that aims to raise £24m for Liverpool Cathedral by 2024. The cause is close to Ogston's heart, having previously donated £2m to York Minster and NZ$4m to rebuild Christchurch Cathedral in the wake of the 2011 earthquake.