F1-legend Stewart visits Cranfield

| 25 Jul 2012

Sir Jackie Stewart and other big names from the world of motor sport were at this year’s inaugural History of Motorsport Technology conference on 3 July, at Cranfield University.

The three-time world champion joined motor sport experts such as former technical director of Team Lotus, Peter Wright; freelance motor sport writer David Tremayne; and Mike Pilbeam ex-chief designer at BRM and founder of the Pilbeam marque.

Chief designer of GT1 Design, Graham Humphrys, was awarded the Bill Boddy Award for the best presentation of the day – ‘Group C: A Decade of Change’.Organiser Clive Temple said: “Cranfield University has played a crucial part in safety as well as in many other aspects of high-performance engineering and

technologies associated with motor sport. We have a vital role to play in steering its future.”