Final farewell for historic SAABs

| 17 Jan 2012

More than 100 cars from the Saab Heritage Museum will be sold this Friday after the Swedish company went bust.

News comes from the receiver that the entire factory collection of 120 cars will go, with midday on Friday 20 January the deadline for written bids to be submitted to lawyers Delphi.

The nature of the fire-sale is underlined by the fact that they will entertain bids for individual cars or for the collection as a whole.

While it is a shame that the collection will more than likely be broken up – despite previous assurances from the local mayor that Trollhattan would buy it up en masse – it seems a more fitting fate than the cars are suffering at the moment... in situ but with "seized asset" stickers plastered on them.

Among the vehicles to be disposed of are some irreplaceable pieces of motoring history including the original and unrestored 1946 Ursaab prototype.

To see the full list of cars for sale, click here. 

Explore this site for info on the sale and it is a depressing reminder of the demise of the company after some 60 years. The English version has a terse note ordering all employees to return telephones and computers immediately. It reads:

Reminder: return of telephones and computers. 
Those of you who are not required for duty must immediately return your computers, including all accessories, to your workplace and mark them with your name and employment number. Ensure that you delete all private information before you return them. Telephones must be returned in person to Bengt Runosson A21-2

This may be standard practice in insolvencies, but it still emphasises how distressing it is for employees and how, this time, a once-great car maker really does seem to have gone for good.

Bye bye Saab: we may not have always been nice about you, but we will miss you.