Haynes manuals move into the 21st Century

| 22 Jun 2012

Haynes manuals move into the 21st Century

Haynes – famous for providing practical guides to the maintenance of more than 300 vehicles – has published its top-50 manuals online.The service will contain step-by-step video guides on carrying out regular maintenance and, although only one classic car manual is currently online, Hayes has pledged to add more soon.

Access to information is available via links on the site’s homepage, through lists of chapters and headings, or by using the new search engine to browse for keywords and phrases – it can also be used to diagnose faults.

Meanwhile, a dictionary provides explanations on the names of parts and procedures.

Haynes managing director Jeremy Yates-Round said: “Haynes Manuals Online are incredibly easy to use and make car maintenance more accessible than ever before. The ‘how to’ videos clearly demonstrate a range of repairs and the quick links and search facility make identifying and fixing faults very straightforward.

“There is widespread misconception that modern cars are too complicated to do your own maintenance – that is simply not true. Our research shows the huge savings that can be made by taking on simple tasks – like replacing windscreen wipers or changing a light bulb – can save you over £200 a year.”

A yearly subscription to the new service costs £25 or you can pay £30 for lifetime access. Find out more on the company’s website company’s website.