Joy Rainey to cross the US on a 1904 Curved Dash Oldsmobile

| 9 Aug 2012

Intrepid classic motorist Joy Rainey will next year embark on her biggest challenge to date – driving nearly 3000 miles across the USA on a 108-year-old Curved Dash Oldsmobile.

An accomplished single-seater hillclimber, Rainey (a person of restricted growth) is also no stranger to great classic motoring adventures having previously competed in the London to Sydney Marathon in a Morris Minor (see C&SC, July 2004).

Her coast to coast US epic has been on the cards for years, but was postponed after the death of her co-driver and partner Trevor Hulks in 2010.

She said: "A few months after Trevor’s untimely death I was contacted by Gary Hoonsbeen of the CDO Club in the USA who gently suggested that at some time in the future I might consider undertaking the trip myself as a tribute to Trevor.

"My reply was something like, ‘I never say never’, but in my heart then, I did not think that I could take on such a challenging trip without my soul mate.

"Now, after considerable soul-searching and encouragement from old and new friends, I have decided that this challenge feels like unfinished business.

"Therefore on 14 April next year I will start my coast-to-coast USA trip from Los Angeles and drive to Daytona Beach arriving on the 15th May in my 109-year-old Curved Dash Oldsmobile. And I would like to raise £20,000 for Cancer Research." 

Those who want to see Rainey in action in the UK will get a chance in November when she runs the Olds in the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.

Geelong-born Joy first ran the Curved Dash on the LBVCR in 2006 having sold her Pilbeam to fund the veteran.

But she is under no illusion that her trans-USA jaunt in the 7hp Oldsmobile will provide rather greater challenges than the 60-mile run to the British coast from the capital.

She said: “On the trip across America, the Oldsmobile will encounter an enormous range of conditions, from 6500ft high mountains to blisteringly hot deserts."

You can keep up with all Joy's news on her website.