Meilenwerk concept expands to Switzerland

| 29 Jul 2011

Meilenwerk - the stylish Berlin-based dealer showcase-cum-restoration and design emporium for classics - is set to be expanded with the addition of a branch in Zurich.Backing company Meilenwerk AG has confirmed plans to open a 20,000 square metre facility on the banks of Lake Zurich.Meilenwerk Zürichsee will be housed in a converted textile factory in Horgen and will be home to around 30 classic car-related commercial tenants, along with 150 storage spaces for private classic cars.Set to open in the spring of 2013, the new branch of he successful Berlin operation (below) is the result of a CHF 35 million (EUR 28 million) project in collaboration Mobimo AG, which owns the land.

The new premises will be designed by architect Sara Spiro and will also house a 100-room hotel and various restaurants."Meilenwerke are centres of attraction that cater to the emotional needs of today's lovers of classical, collectors' and premium cars and are a reflection of a certain view on life," says Martin Halder, Member of the Board of Meilenwerk AG. "This and the wide-ranging services provided by regional and international providers who have already established a good reputation for themselves on the classical car scene make the Meilenwerk concept stand out from classical commercial project developments. Years of experience and close ties with the car scene help us select the best companies," added Halder.See: for more and C&SC September (Classic shrines) for an overview on Meilenwerk Berlin.