Mini heads Beaulieu’s major car vote

| 28 Nov 2011

Alec Issigonis’ humble front-wheel-drive Mini is currently leading the search for the greatest 125 cars in the history of the automobile. It’s ahead of other automotive icons such as the Land Rover and Volkswagen’s Beetle in the National Motor Museum’s pole for the most important cars since the dawn of motoring 125 years ago.Beaulieu’s challenge, which was instigated to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Karl Benz’s 1886 Patent Motorwagen, ends on 31 December. The top 10 also currently includes Porsche’s 911 and Henry Ford’s Model T – followed by Jaguar’s E-type and Ferrari’s 250GTO.The last three places are presently filled by Bugatti’s Type 35, Aston Martin’s DB4 and Chevrolet’s Corvette Stingray ,while Lancia has yet to make the interim top 125 list at all.Go to: or tweet @beaulieu_hants on to enterSee the National Motor Museum for more.