MP says support the classic cause as Vauxhall’s HQ opens its doors

| 7 Jun 2013

Luton North MP Kelvin Hopkins has told Westminster that the classic car hobby is vital to the UK’s manufacturing future during a debate on 4 June.

Speaking at an All Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicles Group annual meeting Hopkins said: “The classic vehicle industry is worth more than £4billion to the UK economy and helps preserve vital engineering skills.

“It introduces young people to concepts and experiences that they can have nowhere else and, I believe, helps inspire the next generation of engineers and technicians.

“It is extremely important to the UK's manufacturing future.”

Arriving at Parliament in a Vauxhall Astra GTE – which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year – Hopkins paid tribute to Vauxhall’s Heritage Centre, which has 110-years’ worth of Griffin heritage on show.

The MP said: “Nowhere is Luton's proud tradition as a motor vehicle manufacturing town more clearly represented than at the Heritage Centre [which we visited last year].

“I believe its continuing role in educating youngsters and celebrating Vauxhall in Luton is an essential one.”

Vauxhall has announced it will open the building – which is based on Park Street, Luton – to the public on 18 August between 10am-4pm.

C&SC says: We agree with everything Hopkins says. Wouldn’t it be amazing if thousands of Vauxhall enthusiasts made it to the event? Of course, I’d have to buy one first, such as this: