Rolling tax exemption reinstated – at last!


The coalition government corrected a historic wrong in the April 2014 budget by reinstating the rolling tax exemption for classic cars, now set at 40 years.

It was announced last year that all cars manufactured before 1 January 1974 would be tax exempt from April 2014, but C&SC understands that this will now be a rolling exemption rather than a one-off compromise.

The previous 25-year cut off was canned when Tony Blair's Labour government came to power in 1997.

Austin Allegro, Reliant Robin and Ferrari GT4 owners will see their 1973 models exempted from VED this April, while some Mk1 Volkswagen Golfs, Lamborghini Countachs and Fiat 131s will be included from 2015. Popular models such as the Ford Escort Mk2 are also close to exemption.

Crucially, it is the date of manufacture that will determine eligibility rather than the date of registration, so many 1974 models will also qualify.

It was also announced that from 1 April it will be possible to pay for VED monthly, rather than in blocks of 6 or 12 months. In addition, paper tax discs are to be scrapped and any existing tax must be removed from a vehicle prior to its sale. 




Well I never saw that coming. A great help for Classic Car owners.

wts bob


Yes, but the historic classification is now 40 years instead of 25. Still a long way away for my '76 Cortina MK3.

Can anyone tell me what the MOT exemption status is. My '62 Consul Capri probably misses the boat too If thats not a rolling scheme.


MOT exemption for vehicles is pre 1960, but it is very poor practice to stop MOT'ing your car despite the legislation.

And it's only two years to go for your Cortina, which is better than it was 48hrs ago. Stop moaning!


I really like classic cars and I'm waiting for my current car to become a classic (Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible). However, I also know people who are struggling because of the so called "bedroom tax" (for examole), people who can't even afford to heat more than one room never main having to have a spare bedroom because there is no other social housing available for them.

What this is doing is more tax breaks for the rich and comparitively rich whilst cutting support for the poor and desperately poor.

They (the Conservatives) promised to get rid of the deficit within one term (in their 2010 election manifesto); debt has actually risen by 40% since they took office (according to what I heard on BBC news). Even forgetting the blatent unfairness it is incredibly bad politics, it will give the impression of toffs swanning around tax free in 3 litre Bentleys etc.


I'm not too sure whether you're on the right forum. This is for classic car enthusaists and it's not really the place to bring your pretty obvious dislike of the Conservatives to the fore. While I appreciate that some people are struggling etc etc ad infinitum (and I have done myself in the past) this isn't the place to try and start political debates. Your last sentence is actually pretty laughable, why would making a 40 year rolling VED exemption be incredibly bad politics? I very much doubt that most people will even know about it  or be bothered by it. And toffs swanning about in 3 litre Bentleys? Really? Have you seen many of them doing that then? I can't remember the last time I saw such a vehicle on the road.


I agree with 591mpala. I am tired of having to listen to people with the shallow commentary about "Toffs" whoever they are. As a tax payer I tire of listening to welfare claimers who constantly feel anyone with something they don't have such as a classic car must be a toff. We can only hope common sense will prevail and that comments based on envy diminish.


If you really want to save tax and don't want to participate in our hobby michaelr205 then get an electric car.


Crafty government keeping a slither of their promise at previous election time.....well done "Mr.Slippery"!  What a deal!  Promised last year for a year on, but people had to wait a year!  As noted, 40 years a bit distant from previous 25 years.  Unfortunately, seems FBHVC have taken little interest in this matter, which would have benefitted  youngsters unable to afford an expensive earlier car: they are (should be) the future members of the FBHVC, but seems it's a nice cosy little contented club maybe with some nice jaunts.  Everything like that, posh boys, old pals, don't rock the boat, you name I reckon we're not "all in it together".  If you'd like to see the concessions given by other Countries to owners of older vehicles, don't ask FBHVC for a schedule - contact FIVA in Belgium direct  and when you get it surprise yourself!


Here, in Connecticut, a state that lives mostly in the dark ages, we are allowed two things that I have taken advantage of. The first is to acquire "early american" plates. That costs about $100, a one time fee per car BUT it also reduces the assessed value on a car registered that way to $500. This means a any car, no matter what it is really worth. My Volvos went from about $150 a year to $11. Secondly, once the EA plates have been acquired, one may apply for the right to use "year of manufacture" plates. That is the opportunity to display the plates issued for that particular car in the year it was built.
There is no fee attached to this. There is a web site that helps to identify what the plates should look like for any time period.

hairyapple in connecticut, usa

James Elliott

Some stats from the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs' most recent survey to settle the developing argument:
68% of classic cars in the UK are valued at less than £10,000
The average value of all the classic cars in the UK is £8k apiece.
31% of owners have a whole household income of less than £25,000
The highest single household income bracket (at 19%) is under £20k.

Sure, there are plenty of extremely wealthy people who are into classic cars (as there will be with any hobby), but don't let that (and the national media exposure that a very few people and their cars get) cloud the fact that the vast majority are average people with average (or below average) incomes and cars.

Group Editor, C&SC

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