Sale of classic-damaging fuel to be approved by 2013

| 11 Dec 2012

Petrol containing up to 10% ethanol that is known to attack classics’ engines and fuel systems could be on sale in the UK as soon as 2013, reports the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs.

The fuel can also cause running problems for cars as little as 10-years old and produces less horsepower.

The FBHVC’s Matthew Vincent said: “Higher octane petrol contains much reduced levels of ethanol as a general rule, so this may be worth considering for owners who are concerned about the adverse effects of ethanol.”

Federation-approved fuel additives that stop the corrosion include VSPe Power Plus, VSPe and EPS from Millers Oils; Ethomix from Frost Auto Restoration Techniques Ltd; and Ethanolmate from Flexolite.

Unlike petrol using 5% ethanol, which is currently on sale and not labelled, the new product will be marked as E10.

To find out more visit the FBHVC website.