Vintage Ford sets new world record for crossing the USA

| 25 Nov 2013

Aussie Rod Wade has set his world record at the second attempt and crossed the USA in a 1930 Ford Model A in an incredible 50 hours, 20 minutes and six seconds.

Wade and co-driver Michael Flanders started their epic 3000-mile journey at Staten Island at midnight on 22 November and ended the challenge at Venice Fishing Pier just over two days later by pouring a bottle of Atlantic Ocean water into the Pacific.

The task was by no means easy. With Wade and Flanders' first attempt at the record in October coming to an end with crank failure near Amarillo, this time around they battled through horrendous storms and freezing rain, fog and snow.

At one point the team was having to stop every two miles to scrape the ice of the windscreen, but despite the adverse conditions they soldiered in and officially arrived at 11.15pm on Saturday 23 November.

After completing the task, Wade: “I can’t believe we got here in such a good time. It got scary through Amarillo again but we battled on. If it wasn’t for the weather conditions, we would have done it on 40’odd hours. Maybe next time!”

Wade has already decided on the next epic for the Vintage Adventurer team – Ocean to Ocean again, but this time in his native Australia in June, driving from Queensland to Freemantle and then making the return journey.

The reason for setting the World record was to raise awareness and funds to support kidney disease suffers all over the world.

And the Model A, nicknamed Tudor Rose, wasn't the only record-breaker, because in following the Ford across the continent its support vehicle, a 1988 retired Plymouth police car, set a new best for a post-war car.

The support crew was made up of Ricardo Da Cruz as lead mechanic/photographer, Arron Hage from Australia’s Network 7, UK media manager Andrea Seed and, unsurprisingly after the dramas of the first attempt, an engine builder in the form of Ora Landis from Schwalms.

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