World’s largest Voisin exhibition to stay open until June

| 9 Apr 2013

The Mullin Automotive Museum has announced its La Vision de Voisin exhibit – which includes 17 of the famed designer’s cars – will run until 25 June.

The display, which took almost a decade to assemble and had been scheduled to close this month, includes classics such as the 1935 C25 Aerodyne, 1934 C27 Grand Sport Cabriolet and 1939 C30 S Coupé.

Voisin was also a pioneer of flight and the show pays tribute to this with rare footage of his early experiments and a replica of the flying machine that he created in 1907.

Museum founder and chairman Peter Mullin said: “The success the Voisin exhibit has experienced over the past six months has been amazing. We are so excited to share Voisin’s story with our visitors. It is with great personal pride that we continue to recognise and showcase such a design visionary and aviation pioneer.”

Find out more on the exhibition’s website.