Moss hangs up his boots for good

| 9 Jun 2011

Sir Stirling Moss – seen above winning in the Ferguson P99-Climax at Oulton Park in 1961 – today told Radio Le Mans that he wouldn't be racing again.

The shock news came as the supreme driver was due to be practising in a Porsche RS61 for the Legends support race for this weekend's 24 Hours.

For a long while, Moss has pledged that as soon as he feels he is "getting in the way of" other drivers or his ability raises safety issues, he will know when it is time to call it a day.

Now with restricted foot movement following the operations to his ankles that followed his lift-shaft fall, he has taken the decision that now is the time.

While we wholeheartedly support Moss in the wisdom of a decision that only he can make, we also understand how difficult it must have been for such consummate competitor and would like him to know how much his unique élan will be missed in the world of historic motor sport.