Sun shines on VSCC's first event of 2014

| 10 Feb 2014

On one of the first decent sunny days of the year the VSCC lucked out for its annual season opener at the home of British motor racing and aviation, Brooklands Museum near Weybridge.

A great turn out of nearly 50 competitors tackled the tests, devised by Kevin Lee to reward accuracy whilst being fun to drive as well as for the spectators.

With some cars such as the Humber 12/12 dating back to pre-WWI days, the sport isn’t very furious for all but it is still packed with skill, not to mention the spirit needed to navigate the auto-tests laid out over of the much of the historic site.

The test hill, built in 1909 at a gradient of 1 in 4 at the top was almost too much for some of the cars like the 1925 Trojan Utility, but Tony Stephens (above) brought it to the finish line at a crawl. Much quicker were the Frazer Nashes of Mark Ballard and Mark Garrett as well as the Morgan Super Sports of Anthony Jenkins.

A Frazer Nash called the ‘Terror’ driven by RGJ Nash holds the outright record for the Brooklands test hill reaching the top in 1932 in an incredible time of 7.45 seconds. It is said that the car crested the top of the hill at over 32mph leaping 40 feet before landing.

From the top the cars head down the back of the hill to the foot of the infamous, slippery Brooklands banking where a handling and memory course had to be negotiated. There was some discussion as to which way to attack the route, but this was quickly resolved and the sport continued.

With more dodging and diving between cones further down the banking and in front of the WWII hangar there was plenty to take part in.The VSCC also made good use of the car park next to the recently flooded clubhouse where some parts were still closed for the clean up.

Alex Pilkington’s stunning Alfa Romeo 1750 6C was probably the most exotic car listed in the program, but there was also a trio of Bugatti Brescias brought by David and Richard Marsh and Edmund Burgess, who performed well in the tightest turns.

Words and pictures: James Mann

Main image shows Sarah Owen in the Frazer Nash Semmence special. Other: Paul Compton hits the steepest part of the Test Hill in the 1934 Wolseley Aerees special

More pictures

Annabel Jones turns the Gordon England Austin Seven into one of the VSCC New year’s driving tests 

Christopher Hobbs takes his 1933 1271cc K1 MG up the test hill