Nuts & bolts

  • Cosworth springs

    09 Jul 2013

    Eibach’s Ford Sierra Cosworth suspension kit lowers the car by approximately 20mm, offering a more aggressive stance, better handling, plus reduced dive, roll and squat. The Pro Kit retails at £175 excluding VAT.

  • E-type seat runners

    24 Jun 2013

    SNG Barratt’s seat-runner set for the 3.8 E-type is priced at £228 and is manufactured to the original part’s specification. Find out more on the firm’s website.

  • Contralube 770

    24 Jun 2013

    Contralube’s new formula makes is even more effective at weatherproofing electrical connections. It can be used with spade, bullet and multi-pin connectors to guard against corrosion, oxidation and water ingress. A 75g tube cost around £7.50.

  • Open Day 2013

    24 Jun 2013

    On 11 May SNG Barratt UK welcomed visitors to its HQ for a tour around the firms fabrication and light assembly areas. Cars on show included E-types, XKs, Mk2s, XJ-Ss and MkV, while the new F-Type proved a popular talking point.

  • Fuchs-style wheels

    24 Jun 2013

    EB Motorsport has launched reproductions of Deep 6 and 7R Fuchs wheels. Priced at £2266, the wheel’s front section is machined from a solid block of billet aluminium that is then CNC welded to a forged aluminium barrel.

  • Ford brake kits

    11 Jun 2013

    Tarox’s Uprated Disc and Pad Kits for classic Fords lets owners drastically improve their braking performance without changing the car’s hubs or calipers. The parts fit Mk3-5 Cortinas, plus Mk1-2 Escorts and prices start at £129

  • Mini Blow Gun

    11 Jun 2013

    Costing £11.44, Laser Tool’s Mini Blow Gun has a venturi-style head that draws in ambient air to significantly boost flow. As a result, it consumes just 6.55cfm of air from the compressor, but outputs 13cfm.

  • Healey 100 pedals

    11 Jun 2013

    Denis Welch Motorsport’s replacement pedals are CAD designed from original drawings to exacting dimensions and tolerances, while the pivot tube is machine-reamed to insure a good fit. Prices start from £95.

  • New car polish

    11 Jun 2013

    Said to be ‘even better than wax’, Armour All Shield protects paintwork against the elements, dirt, dust, grime and pollutants. The £11.95 price also includes a money-back guarantee.

  • New Michelin Tyre

    21 May 2013

    Michelin’s new 14in TB5 range of rubber is now on sale at Longstone Classic Tyres. The equivalent to 185/60R14 or 175/65R14 (5in – 6.5in rims), TB5s are ‘uncompromising’ yet road legal. Priced at £219, they can be purchased from Longstone’s website.