Nuts & bolts

  • Healey 100 pedals

    11 Jun 2013

    Denis Welch Motorsport’s replacement pedals are CAD designed from original drawings to exacting dimensions and tolerances, while the pivot tube is machine-reamed to insure a good fit. Prices start from £95.

  • New car polish

    11 Jun 2013

    Said to be ‘even better than wax’, Armour All Shield protects paintwork against the elements, dirt, dust, grime and pollutants. The £11.95 price also includes a money-back guarantee.

  • New Michelin Tyre

    21 May 2013

    Michelin’s new 14in TB5 range of rubber is now on sale at Longstone Classic Tyres. The equivalent to 185/60R14 or 175/65R14 (5in – 6.5in rims), TB5s are ‘uncompromising’ yet road legal. Priced at £219, they can be purchased from Longstone’s website.

  • Boxster exhaust

    21 May 2013

    Akrapovič’s Slip-On Line exhaust system for Porsche’s 981 Boxster fits all models and is constructed from titanium alloys that are stronger, lighter and more durable than the standard-fit part. The exhaust also frees up extra power and torque. At £4250, however, it is not cheap.


  • Leather care

    21 May 2013

    Using a two-stage process, Meguiar’s Gold Class Leather Sealer Treatment prevents drying and cracking, while also guarding against spills and stains. The product first preps the leather, before the sealer conditions and protects. The kit is priced at under £15.

  • Poseidon Car Wash

    23 Apr 2013

    Valet PRO’s new car-wash formula costs £9.99 and offers vigorous cleaning power, reducing the physical effort required to agitate dirt, while apparently leaving your classic smelling of lime. Meanwhile, the solution’s synthetic polymers leave paintwork beading, gleaming and protected.

  • New engine tonic

    23 Apr 2013

    STP’s Multi-Purpose Motor Treatment is designed to keep all petrol and diesel engines running at their best. The maker claims a single application delivers reduced emissions, extra engine protection and cleaning of the fuel system. A 500ml bottle costs £9.99.

  • Uprated Ford brakes

    23 Apr 2013

    With prices starting at £129, Tarox’s disc and pad kit for classic Fords offers a ‘bolt on’ improvement to braking without the need to change the car’s hubs or calipers. The kit offers a direct replacement to the OEM parts – but with greater power and less fade.

  • Jaguar ring socket

    23 Apr 2013

    Laser Tools’ Jaguar ring socket is required to remove the ABS reluctor rings during front hub and suspension work on the XK (X100 1996-onwards) and XJ8 (X308 1997-’03) series cars. The ½in drive socket can tolerate the high torque settings needed and is priced at £36.12.

  • Autopod car storage

    08 Mar 2013

    AutoPod is a fully enclosed outdoor shelter for cars and is made from a weather-and-UV resistant lightweight fabric. Sized at 6.5m x 3.3m with an inner canopy of 5.25m x 2.9m, the pod is priced at £595, or £645 with a fan ventilation system.