Nuts & bolts

  • Welding packages

    08 Mar 2013

    Weldability’s MIG 130T, 160T and 200E are new DC single-phase welding packages that are portable, robust and easy to operate. Features of all three include fan-on-demand cooling, thermostatic protection and a three-pin plug cable. Prices start at £284.15.


  • Maserati collection

    08 Mar 2013

    Maserati’s new range of clothing captures the spirit of the firm’s motor sport ambitions throughout the 20th century. Items on sale include polo shirts, sweaters and jackets ranging from about £70 to nearly £500.

  • Complete guide to Land-Rover

    08 Mar 2013

    The Land Rover File 65th Anniversary Edition is a comprehensive guide to the marque. Priced at £22.50, the hardback documents the brand’s first appearance at 1948’s Amsterdam Motor Show – right through to the latest models, plus the firm’s military, special and expedition vehicles.

  • Air filter for 4/4 and Plus 4

    11 Feb 2013

    Hand finished and costing £36, Pipercross’ new Morgan air filters fit the 1.6 and 2-litre engines built between 1968-’92. The system uses multiple foam layers to allow up to 30% more airflow through the engine, improving power, torque and drivability over the OE part.


  • Hog hair wheel brushes

    11 Feb 2013

    Billed as the ‘ultimate brush for cherished wheels’, Auto Finesse’s hog hair examples feature longer bristles and a ‘balanced handle’ to help reach tricky spots on deep-spoke and wire wheels. They cost £25 a pair.  

  • XJ6 fuel tanks

    11 Feb 2013

    Made to OE specifications, SNG Barratt’s Jaguar XJ6 fuel tanks are corrosion resistant, come with a three-year guarantee and are available in right (#CAC55221) and left (#CAC55231) hand versions. One tank costs £178, while a pair retails for £312.

  • Corvette book

    16 Jan 2013

    Corvette Racing – The Complete Competition History from Sebring to Le Mans by David Kimble charts the competitive history of the American sports car. It covers endurance events, hill climbs, Trans-Am, drag racing and GT Racing. It includes rare images, plus Kimble’s own cutaway artwork, and costs £40.

  • E-type brake servo

    16 Jan 2013

    A genuine Lockheed brake servo has been released for the E-type 4.2. The SNG Barratt part can be purchased from the firm’s website and is priced at £275.

  • Bilstein Capri Dampers

    16 Jan 2013

    Bilstein’s B6 dampers improve the ride and handling of Ford’s Capri, while also taming the sensitive rear end of the 3.0 version, the company claims. Prices start at £139.13 plus VAT.

  • All-purpose cleaner

    07 Jan 2013

    Dodo Juice’s ‘Total Wipe Out’ is suitable for removing stains from carpets, cleaning wheel arches and degreasing engine bays. Priced from £19.95-32.95, it comes as diluted 500ml packs and in 500ml or 1litre bottles of concentrate.