Nuts & bolts

  • Classic car clutches

    07 Jan 2013

    Virkler & Bartlett clutches are available with single, twin or triple friction discs and in diameters of 4.5in, 5.5in and 7.25in. Much of the components are made from aircraft-grade metal meaning they should be more durable than OEM parts.

  • Michelin XAS tyre

    11 Dec 2012

    Michelin has started re-manufacturing the XAS tyre to fit 175 HR14 rims on cars such as the Triumph Stag. First used on the Citroën DS, the XAS tyre’s asymmetrical tread pattern was designed to improve directional stability. They are available from Longstone Tyres and cost £141 per tyre plus VAT.

  • AA road atlas of France

    11 Dec 2012

    The AA’s 2013 Road Atlases of France contain up-to-date mapping, but also cover more than 18,500 attractions including 1900 Châteaux, 244 waterfalls or springs, 156 Cathedrals, 358 Abbeys, 195 caves and over 900 ruins. Atlas prices start at £9.99. Click here to find out more.

  • XK8 parts catalogue

    11 Dec 2012

    Available for the first time in book form, SNG Barratt’s XK8 Parts Catalogue covers all models from 1996-’06 including the XKR. The 128-page catalogue has exploded pictures and thorough descriptions to provide a comprehensive guide to partsfor the home mechanic.

  • CarFest raises £1million for Charity

    11 Dec 2012

    CarFest North and South – the festivals that combined classic cars with food and music – have raised a combined £968,735 for the BBC’s Children in Need. To find out more visit the event’s website.

  • VW Beetle air filter

    11 Dec 2012

    Pipercross’ new air filter fits 1200cc, 1300cc or 1600cc classic Beetle engines. A direct replacement for the OEM part, the filter flows 30% more air and brings improvements in power, torque and driveability as well as marginal fuel saving. Costing £35.99, it also lasts three-times longer between services.

  • E30 buyer's guide

    30 Nov 2012

    BMW E30 1981-1994 – The Essential Buyer's Guide includes a model history with a detailed model guide and ‘how to’ section that identifies problem areas and how to fix them. The book also lists useful club and specialist contacts, plus parts costs. Published by Veloce, it costs £9.99.

  • Escort Mk1/2 dampers

    30 Nov 2012

    Bilstein's homologated Group ‘A’ dampers are available in gravel or tarmac specification and are designed specifically for competition or focused road use. The monotube units are designed to handle heat and oscillations better than their twin-tube counterparts.

  • CSI-Ignition Distributors

    30 Nov 2012

    Costing from £250 Moss’ CSI-Ignition Distributors offer a fully electronic ignition built into a Lucas distributor housing – maintaining the original appearance of the engine bay. The maintenance free-part eliminates point bounce and offers 16 switchable ignition curves.

  • Ball-joint separator

    19 Nov 2012

    Britool Expert’s kit contains three joint separators sized 23mm, 28mm and 34mm. Housed in a carrying case, the tools should be compatible with most vehicles and are required for jobs such as replacing track rod ends or control arms.